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Advertise on Maine’s newest Message Board, as well as their sports news and photography web sites.

Three options available to choose from that will suit any budget and get you the exposure you are looking for with Internet advertising.
1. Our Sponsors are the four top ads that will never rotate. Once you own the spot you own it as long as you want it. There are currently three spots available. It could be one 125×125 and a 125×250 or three separate 125px x 125px button ads. All buttons link directly to your web site. ($100. per month per 125×125 button, discount for larger ads).
2. Our Advertisers these will be the next five blocks, (10- 125px X 125px buttons or any combination there of). These ads will rotate with a maximum of 50 ads. All buttons link directly to your web site. ($50. per month).
3. Supporters this will be the big one. The Supporters can be a business, whose name will be linked directly to your web site. Or it can be an individual. There is a six month minimum, paid in advance = $150 ($25. per month). Even more to come as we unfold the MSR Photo Club.

For more information call Ron at 975-2311

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